Bridgeport Public Education Fund, Inc.


The Bridgeport Mentoring Program is a school-based program that takes place on the school grounds during the school day. It is a collaboration between the School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport, Inc. and the Bridgeport Public Schools. Adults are matched with children who lack self-esteem, are not working to their potential or are having difficulty with their social skills. Each child is referred to the program by a principal, guidance counselor, teacher or parent who feels he or she will benefit from a stable, caring adult who can act as a positive role model. The mentors and mentees eat lunch, play games, work on projects or just talk. Reliability is key for the relationship to flourish. Mentors typically meet with their mentees for an hour a week at lunchtime. We ask for a commitment of two school years, and then both parties are asked to renew if the relationship is successful. During the year, mentors are encouraged to attend two enjoyable, school-sponsored activities with their mentees. Both take place during the school day.

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