Family Reentry/Community Resources for Justice


Family Reentry, Inc. provides services throughout Fairfield County offering various adult and youth programs with a goal of reducing the cycles of domestic violence, crime and incarceration. Our youth programs include counseling, case management and mentoring support to vulnerable youth impacted by family violence, parental incarceration and juvenile delinquency. Two distinct mentoring programs are available for volunteers to support children and youth: Champions Mentoring is a school based model serving children (ages 6-17) from the Greater Bridgeport area who impacted by a parental incarceration or close family member, and/or who are impacted by recent family violence and J-Connect Mentoring is a community based model serving youth (ages 11-17) in the coastal Fairfield County area who involved with juvenile probation due to a low level offense.

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75 Washington Ave.
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604