Westport Mentor Program


Westport Mentor Program collaborates with the Westport Public School System to match caring adults with school aged children who could benefit from additional adult influences in their lives. The Town of Westport Department of Human Services is seeking responsible and caring individuals who can meet with a school aged child for approximately 45 minutes per week. All meetings occur on school grounds, during the school year (Sept -June), to offer friendship, support and a non-judgmental ear. Mentors are matched to students' grades K-12. A mentor establishes a one-on-one relationship with the student by acting as a friend, guide, and role model. The goal of the program is to build a child's self-esteem and develop positive relationships in school, at home, and in the community. Mentors generally meet in a classroom, corner of the library, or other private area during lunch and recess time. There may also be some circumstances where the mentor/mentees meet during the after-school program.

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